Monday, 13 July 2009

Britain - a country where Big Business entice Old Men

British Gas have been at it again. In May, I put a posting on this blog called :

'Big business banking on poor memory'.

I described how this multi-million pound company informed me in February, that I'd signed up to a service agreement, which was £116 more per year, than the one to which I'd agreed.

I wrote then :

'I phoned the company to make my displeasure known and cancel the agreement asking the question : " how many old people would look at that document and say to themselves: Did I really sign up for that ? Oh well, if it says so in print, I must have done. Then go ahead and send the direct debit to their bank."
The advisor on the phone was apologetic and said that, as a mark of good faith, if I stayed with the original agreement, a £10 Marks and Spencer voucher would be with me in two weeks. I stayed with the agreement.'

Of course, the voucher didn't come.

Then, last Friday I heard from Britsih Gas again. I had a phonecall from a British Gas advisor, who told me that I was :
"entitled to an upgrade from my present HomeCare 200 to the HomeCare 400."
When I asked : "What's the catch ? How much is it going to cost me ?" He told me that it would only be, you've guessed it, another £116 per year. When I told him " No, I'm happy with my present agreement". He quickly ended the call. I can't remember if he thanked me for my time, but I suspect he didn't.

So British Gas are still up to their old tricks, this time trying to sell old people services they don't need, by convincing them they are special customers, hence, you "are entitled to an upgrade".

How many phonecalls did the advisor make on that day ? How many people did he ensnare ? No doubt he was on performance-related pay, which is why he put the phone down on me so quickly, after all 'time is money'.

What a sad country Britain has become.

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