Sunday, 31 January 2010

Gillingham's Football Stadium is a place for old men

I went to Gillingham's 'Priestfield Stadium' yesterday to see the local team play 'at home' against the London team from Walsall.

I was amongst 4,795 other people in the stadium, most of them fans of the 'Gills' including my companions, our leader Del Boy, Robbie and Kelvin.

I know very little about football, but what I did observe was :

* How young the players were, with most in their 20's.

* How fast the game was, as a consequence of youth.

* How the Old Boys like me sat and cheered in the crowd.

* How the Old Boys were playing their role as supporters alongside their sons or daughters and grandchildren who were also present. It was a family event.

Gillingham occupy a place in the 'First Division'and achieved this in May 2009 with their win against Shewsbury in Wembley Stadium in May last year.

P.S. It was very cold sitting in the Stadium. I wore 2 pairs of socks, a pair of my wife's tights, pants and undershirt, cardigan, scarf, overcoat, gloves, hat and warm shoes and I was still cold.

This is what us 'True Brits' do for our sport. Sacrifice and fortitude and no moaning.

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