Sunday, 19 December 2010

Britain is a country where celebrity 'older' women like Ann Widecombe and Pamela Stephenson can give pleasure to millions with their dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is a British television show, featuring celebrities with professional dance partners competing in Ballroom and Latin dances. It has has run on BBC since 2004 and the eighth series began in September and ended last night.

This series will be remembered by millions, not for the attractive and agile female, actress winner, but for the pleasure that two older women : the 63 year old, former Conservative politician, Ann Widdecombe and 61 year old, clinical psychologist Dr Pamela Stephenson Connoly.

Ann's Charleston :

Ann's Samba :

Pamela's Charleston :

Pamela's Rumba :

The press loved them both :

Ann in 'The Telegraph' :

and 'The Daily Mail' :

Pamela in the 'Guardian' :

and 'The Daily Mail' :

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  1. Ann Widdecombe was a guest on The Graham Norton Show last night. In response to his question about how she felt that she would be known for her dancing rather than her political career she responded (paraphrased) that he should not discount the idea that she can have many other memorable moments still to experience. Her life is far from over. I thought it was a great response.