Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Britain is no country for an old Prince called Charles who has passed his "sell by date" when it comes to new technology

Prince Charles' recent remarks about the 'march of technology' will strike a chord with many old men.

Presenting operational medals to soldiers from the Army Air Corps, who had returned from their first tour of Afghanistan, Charles, their Colonel-in-Chief admitted that he was "not one of the PlayStation generation" and joked that like many fathers felt that he was "past his sell by date".

Visiting Wattisham Airfield, in Suffolk, where his son, Prince Harry, is undergoing training with the Army Air Corps, he said:

* I was lucky enough to have a flight in an Apache a few months ago. I had to be shown how to strap myself in and just about every other aspect of the aircraft by my youngest son.

* I found I am past my sell by date when it came to controlling such a sophisticated aircraft.

* I am not part of the PlayStation generation which seems to be vital when getting to grips with the controls of an Apache.

* I couldn’t read the writing on the dashboard so I was constantly peering at the display.’

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