Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Britain is a country with an old harbour town called Whitstable in the old county called Kent which is awash with old men

Whitstable is an old coastal town where oysters were harvested 2,000 years ago in Roman times, salt was produced in Saxon times and it was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, under the name 'Witenestaple', meaning 'the meeting place of the white post'.
I like this town and a visit one morning this week revealed that I was not alone : it had a veritable plethora of old men.

They were relazing by the sea.

Mooching around the boats.

Loitering in the High Street.

Checking out the shops.

Yearning nostalgically for old money and old cars.

Conversing with little children.

Getting a cup of tea in their own cafe.

P.S. They even felt comfortable in the company of the old mariner adverting the local seafood.

I enjoyed my visit to Whitstable. I felt quite at home.

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