Thursday, 18 October 2012

Britain is a country and no country for more and more old men with dementia

A recent article in 'The Daily Mail' was entitled :

One in three of us is scared of dementia sufferers - even if they are a friend or family member

Apparently, one in five would be fearful of meeting someone with dementia because they don't understand the symptoms.

Experts at Bupa, who commissioned the research reached the following conclusions that :

*  thousands are shunning dementia victims, even when they are friends and family, leaving them isolated and unsupported.

*  relatives of those with dementia should not avoid talking to them as it was actually one of the best ways of helping them cope.

*  their 'Talking Toolkit' ia designed to help loved ones discuss dementia :

Professor Graham Stokes, Director of Dementia Care, Bupa Care Services, said :
there was no ‘silver bullet’ to cure people with dementia but they could be helped to live well and "we know there is a stigma associated with dementia. People are fearful of trying to communicate with those with the condition as they don’t know what to say or how to respond to what might be perceived as unusual behaviour. But finding ways to maintain meaningful communication is the single most important way people can support those with dementia."

The facts are that :

* around 800,000 , mostly but not exclusively old men and women in Britain have dementia and the number is expected to double in the next 40 years.

* Out of a total of 4,000 Britons surveyed by Ipsos MORI, one third of those who have a friend or relative with dementia said they were not sure how to support them and thousands avoid patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease leaving them isolated and unsupported.

Professor Stokes explains dementia :

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