Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Britain, no country for neither old men nor the middle aged men forced to look after them

An article in the 'Daily Mail' yesterday was entitled :
Why middle age is getting harder: Thousands more in 40s and 50s are having to care for frail parents AND adult children  

It was based on a report entitled 'Future Identities' by the 'Foresight' group of scientists led by the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir John Beddington which made the following points, that the new middle agers  :

* are, in increasing numbers and set to rise by up to 25%  over the next decade to approaching half a million by 2022, having to care for ageing parents and adult children and therefore face the prospect of the end of their expectation of a 'comfortable' middle age.

* will be affected by the trend, which is expected to continue, of children aged 20 to 35 increasingly staying in the parental home and be financially supported because they cannot afford a house of their own with number rising by 20% since 1997, to 3.5million.

* will become increasingly resentful as they have to take on increased responsibilities while working longer before drawing their pension.

* in fewer numbers will be able to use their pre-retirement years to pay off their mortgage, go on trips and fulfil lifetime ambitions.

* the growth in the numbers of this  so-called 'sandwich generation', with responsibilities to grown children and old parents has implications for social policy as they may demand greater recognition and, potentially, assistance, financial or otherwise.

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