Sunday, 11 May 2014

Britain is still a country which rightly continues to initiate wealthy and once-powerful old men into the Knights of the Order of the Bath

This week Westminster Abbey was the scene for the important 'Service for Knights of the Order of the Bath'. If the Queen, as the Sovereign had presided over the proceedings, dressed in an elaborate, cumbersome robe with a full train, worn over an evening dress and with the heavy Queen Mary tiara on her head, she would have been required to walk up and down a short, but steep, flight of steps in the Lady Chapel of Henry VII. However, following a dress rehearsal on Thursday night, her aides reluctantly admitted that negotiating the steps in full regalia would be too much for the 88 year old and although she did attend the service, she sat and watched from the relative comfort of her stall as her 65 year old son and heir, Prince Charles, stood in for her.

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