Friday 16 November 2012

Britain is no country for old men without a mobile phone

'No frills': The £55 mobile phone launched by Age UK is designed especially for elderly people who may find the modern technology of smartphones difficult
A new credit card-sized, no frills,  ‘My Phone’, costing £55 and designed specifically for old men and women has been launched by 'Age UK' in time for Christmas.

So old men of Britain, this is the phone for you because it :

* has a button clearly labelled 'Answer' and 'On-Off'.

* rather than press numbers to make a call, you simply to press a button featuring the names of your friends.

* can take up to 8 numbers, chosen by you and programmed into the phone by the manufacturer when it is ordered.

* means that you can keep up with modern technology, without having to learn how to use a 'complex' touchscreen smartphone.

* comes in 11 different colours with a battery life of around five days – much longer than the average smartphone.

* it has extra big buttons to help you if you suffer from poor eyesight.

According to research by 'Age UK', seven in ten of those aged over 65 use a mobile phone but only five out of ten of those aged over 75.

Helena King, Head of 'Affinity at Age UK', said :
"It is not surprising that some older people have limited experience of using mobile phones as most people over the age of 65 use a fixed landline as their main method of making and receiving phone calls" and MyPhone is "easy to use and means that people can contact their nearest and dearest at literally the touch of a button."

Helena demonstrating the phone :

An Age UK spokesman said it hopes to sell 50,000 phones in the next year.


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