Friday, 26 June 2009

Google indicates that Britain is a bleak country for old men

If you put 'Old People in Britain' on a 'google' search, the titles of the sites you find make depressing reading :

My highlights are in bold.

'Survey finds 4% of older people (340,000) abused in their homes by family.'

'Britain's elderly 'bankrupted' by care bills'.

'Old people being robbed of the will to live by loneliness.'

'Quality of life getting worse for older people. report say.'

'Old people at risk from listeria poisoning if they ignore 'use by' dates.'

'Eight elderly people every hour die during winter in Britain.'

'Alzheimer's Society condemns daylight robbery and drugging.'

'Policy Library - Marginalised and depressed : Britain's older people.'

Well fellow baby boomers - not much to cheer us up here, is there ?

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