Friday, 8 May 2015

Britain is no country for old men waiting to see if they are part of their new Government's plan to cut £12 billion on welfare spending

Today, these two men, George Osborne and David Cameron returned to power as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, as a result of their party, the Conservative Party, winning yesterday's General Election. They have managed to do this without disclosing the details in their planned new round of cuts in Government spending on 'welfare' amounting to £12,000.000,000 as part of their continuing plan to reduce the Government deficit.

As part of the their last Conservative Government's 'Austerity Programme', by March last year about 168,000 old men and women had stopped receiving help with essential tasks such as eating, washing and getting dressed.

Old men still in receipt of help may well ask themselves : "Is it my turn to shoulder the burden of reducing the country's debt and face the prospect of spending my last days, hungry and dirty in my dressing gown ?"

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