Tuesday, 21 July 2009

B.B.C. is no company for Old Women

Joan Bakewell, at 76, is this country's 'Ageism Tsar', has criticised the B.B.C. for getting rid of women news presenters once they reach the age of 50.

News Readers :

Moira Stewart : retired off at 57
Anna Ford : left at 62,claiming she faced being sidelined
because of her age.

Also, 'Strictly Come Dancing' Judge :

Arlene Phillips : laid off at 66 and replaced by 30 year old Alesha Dixon.

Still there, the men -

'News Night' presenters :

Jeremy Paxman : 59
Gavin Esler : 56

Also working for the BBC, the broadcasters :

John Simpson : 64
John Humphrys : 66

Meanwhile in the U.S.A. Barbara Walters who became the anchor of N.B.C.'s 'Today' 48 years ago still has a show on ABC at 79. Diane Sawyer, presenter of ABC's 'Good Morning America' is 63 and in France, Christine Ockrent is still on 'France 24' at the age of 65.

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