Sunday, 3 January 2010

Britain in 2016 will be no country for old men who want to sign cheques

So, the 'cheque' as a form of payment goes out in 6 years and I fear that many old men will have some trepidation about this. Those who are not 'savvy' with telephone banking, where they will be asked to key in 16 numbers on the key pad and have an infinite variety of getting things wrong, will not be looking forward to this :

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What about those who have no access to the internet and can't do the banking or the paying ?

Even those who can pay for transactions using their 'cheque' card and are fearful of forgetting or miscuing their number.

Goodbye the Britain which either, once cared for its old men or perhaps it never did.

: Electronic payments are four times cheaper for banks than cheques, which cost about £1 each to process.

What a sad country Britain has become.

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