Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Britain is a country which says "Goodbye" to a fine old actor called Pete Postlethwaite

The great British actor, Pete Postlethwaite has died at the age of 64.
What has been said about his wonderful face :

* His rugged features made him every casting director's go-to guy for raw, lived-in truth.

* The stark planes and bulges of his face created a veritable Easter Island statue of authenticity and plainness.

* For around a quarter of a century he played the same approximate middle age, with the face of a man whose life had been hard-earned, and whose dues had been paid in full long before.

* He had a face that elicited many similes, among them "a stone archway" and "a bag of spanners".

What has been said about the man and his work :

* Steven Spielberg once said : "he was the best actor in the world" after working with the actor on the 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park', to which Pete quipped: "I'm sure what Spielberg actually said was : "'The thing about Pete is that he thinks he's the best actor in the world.'"

* Was best known as a screen actor in the 1993 film, 'In the Name of the Father' the true-life drama about the wrongful arrest, trial and imprisonment of the 'Guildford Four' as IRA bombers. He played Guiseppe Conlon, father of Gerry Conlon and the innocent, law-abiding blue-collar worker in 1970's Catholic West Belfast who subsequently died in prison.
The role earned him an Oscar nomination for 'Best Supporting Actor'.

John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister said the greatest acclaim for an actor was to be so good that it made people get out and do something. "Pete Postlethwaite made me do the latter – twice. He was a fine actor, a devoted campaigner and a good man. Pete will be missed but his art changed the lives of many for the better. I can't think of a better compliment than that."

Julie Walters, actress : "He invented 'edgy'. He was an exhilarating person and actor."

Jim Sheridan, Film Director : " Everybody loved him. He was an amazing character and a lovely man. He was a great warrior. He looked indestructible, that was the thing about him."

Bill Nighy,actor called him "a rare and remarkable man. I was honoured by his friendship – he is irreplaceable".

Film Clips :

Danny's Speech from 'Brassed Off' in 1996 :

In Memorium :

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