Sunday, 9 January 2011

Britain is a country which says "Happy Birthday" to Clive Dunn and remember Lance-Corporal Jones and 'Dad's Army' set in the Second World War

Clive Dunn, seen here on the right, three years ago, with Ian Lavender, is 91 today. Clive spent his best years as an actor playing old men and featured in the comedy series 'Dad's Army' which ran for 80 episodes between 1968 to 1977 and attracted audiences of 18 million people.

As Lance-Corporal Jack Jones, he became part of the living room furniture along with the other characters based at Walmington-On-Sea on the South coast during the Second World War.
Thet were part of the non-professional Army known as the 'Home Guard' or 'Dads Army' because they were too old or incompetent to serve in the Regular Forces.

What you possibly didn't know about Clive, that he :

* after leaving school, studied at the 'Italia Conti'.

* played small film roles from the 1930s onwards, appearing alongside Will Hay in the films 'Boys Will Be Boys' in 1935 and 'Good Morning,Boys' in 1937.

* served in the Army with the '4th Hussars', during the Second World War, during the course of which he spent 4 years in prisoner-of-war and labour camps in Austria,

* after the War, worked in music halls and theatres before winning the role of Jones the Butcher at the age of 48 in 'Dad's Army' in 1968 where he was was one of the younger members of the cast.

* had strong socialist beliefs often caused him to fall out with Arthur Lowe, who played Captain Mainwaring and who was a committed Conservative.

* had a 'number one' hit single with the song "Grandad" on his 51st birthday in 1971

The lyrics of 'Grandad' were unapologetic, commercial nostalgia and I love them :

I've been sitting here all day thinking,
Same old thing ten years away.
Thinking,now my days are gone,
Memories linger on,
Thoughts of when I was boy.

Pennyfarthings on the street riding.
Motorcars were funny things, frightning.
Bow and hoops and spinning tops.
Annie gretzel's lollipops.
Comic cuts, all different things.

Grandad, grandad you're lovely,
That's what we all think of you.
Grandad, Grandad you're lovely,
That's what we all think of you.
Grandad, Grandad.

Areoplanes tied up with string flying.
Telephones and talking things sighing.
A radio and phonograph, Charlie Chaplin made us laugh,
Silently falling about.
Familiar things I keep around, near me.
Memories of my younger days, clearly.
Now it's in my mind?
Everyday I find, thoughts of when I was boy...

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