Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Britain is still a country for and says "Happy Birthday" to an old Prince called Charles who one day will be King

Prince Charles is 64 years today. His reputation took a battering with his divorce from Princess Diana in 1996 and her death the following year, but has recovered since then.

A YouGov Poll in the Summer revealed, British people give a majority of support for a continuation of the monarchy, largely due to the fact that 86% of us think that Queen Elizabeth has done a good job as monarch. The question to be asked, however, was : How do we feel about who should come after her?

As in previous polls, more people (44%) preferred the Crown to jump a generation and go to Prince William, who was soon to be 30, rather than Charles (38%), who was then 63. However, other results suggested that few people would riot in the streets if Charles does become King in due course, though as many as 83% think William would be a good king as opposed to 61% who think the same of Charles.

When asked people whether they thought each of nine members of the Royal Family 'was an asset or a liability for the Monarchy?' The response was :
Asset % Liability % Neither % Net asset
The Queen 8437+81
Prince William8437+81
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge8049+76
Prince Harry691015+59
Princess Anne551025+45
Prince Charles 482223+26
Prince Philip 472918+18
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall223536-13
Prince Andrew174627-29

The YouGov poll :

Birthday report and videos of marriage to and divorce from Diana :

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