Sunday 12 February 2012

Britain is a country where men say "Goodbye youth" at 41 and "Hello old age" at 59

A recent Government Survey entitled 'Attitudes to age in Britain 2010/11' has revealed that :

* On average, respondents thought 'youth' ended at 41 and 'old age' began at 59.

However, the upside for old men is that :

* perceptions towards those aged over 70 are more positive than towards those in their 20s, unless they are in senior roles.

* older people are viewed as being more friendly, having higher moral standards and as being more competent than their younger counterparts.

So, born in 1953 and 59 years old this year, Britain's old men welcome to their fold screen actors :

* Keith Allen
* Pierce Brosnan
* David Threlfall

and across the Atlantic :

* John Malkovich

Interesting to note that all of these 'soon-to-be old men' already have their grey beards in place.

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