Thursday 22 August 2013

Britain is a country where old men don't have a problem with themselves but believe the rest of society does have a problem with them

More than 2,000 old men and women aged 65-93 have been surveyed by 'YouGov' for a firm providing support services for older people, Invicta Telecare. The results were interesting indicating that :

* about 63% agreed that being old was 'just a mindset' and refused to define themselves as old.

* more than a third (39%) said they were 'happier' than at any time and 42% described themselves as 'more tolerant'.

* only 6% feel their age 'changes the way they live their life' and would class themselves as ‘old’.

However :

* almost half of those questioned (47%) complained of ageism.

* almost two-thirds (62%) were concerned about 'being seen as a problem by society'.

* one in five of those polled (21%) worried about being thought of as a 'burden to friends and family' as they grew older.

* 48% said they thought their generation was 'ignored'.

* more than a third (37%) felt 'treated disrespectfully' because of their age.

* About 34% complained the word 'old was derogatory', while 27% disliked the word 'elderly' and 30% objected to being described as an 'OAP' (Old Age Pensioner).

Wendy Darling of Invicta Telecare said:
 "It's important to tackle the old-fashioned taboos that many are coming up against. It's clear many worry they will lose their identity and be seen as a problem as they grow older so it's important not to underestimate the support out there which will give full control of your freedom and independence."


  1. This culture is often overly focused on the young. I find it so encouraging to hear that so many believe that age is just a mindset though, and they are happier than they have been. How wonderful it would be if more people could feel like that.

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