Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Britain is a country returning to the bad old days of more and more cold and poor, old men of yore

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If 'poverty' is defined as 'those households or individuals living on less than 60% of median income,' then living in 'poverty' within its shores are one in five of the population, consisting of :

* 8 million working-age adults

* 4 million children

1.9 million pensioners or 16% of the total

New research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found almost 300,000 more pensioners in the Britain are living in poverty last year compared with 2012-13 : the first sustained increase pensioner poverty for 20 years.

On this basis, because of the disproportion between the number of old men and old women living in Britain, with old women outnumbering old men, it would not be true to say that 150,000 more old men are now living in poverty added to the 600,000 or so who were already in that state, but the figure is certainly approaching 150,000.

Put another way :

 x 15,000 

are added to the

 x 60,000 old men already living in poverty

At this time of year this means that most of them will stay or live in just one heated room of their home to save money and avoid heating rooms like the bedroom or bathroom because they are worried about the cost. Beyond that, they have the stark choice of : to eat or to heat. The cold weather and their poorly heated homes increased their risk not only of influenza but also of heart attack and stroke and go a long way to explain the 24,000 excess deaths among old people in a typical British winter. In addition, many of their homes suffer from poor insulation, with some of the worst levels of home energy efficiency in Europe.

Britain in 2017 : a country where few care that the number of old men and women living in poverty is rising year by year. 

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