Friday, 24 August 2018

Brexit Britain is no country for an old film and theatre director called Peter Brook

Peter, who has been based in France since the early 1970s, was born in 1925 in Chiswick, London, the second son of Ida and Simon, Jewish immigrants from Latvia. Today, at the age of 93, he is Britain's greatest living theatre director and not a happy man.

Interviewed by Stephen Smith, on the BBC's 'Newsnight' last night, Peter said :
"I think the folly, for any of us, for all any of us living in Europe and in England is Brexit. It is something so narrow-minded, this old fashion thing that, because we are an island, we mustn't have anything to do with those awful people on the Continent."

Stephen :"We're taking back control, that's the argument. We're freeing ourselves of the shackles of European regulation."

Peter : "And that is true. but the ideal. Because at the beginning, behind it, like the ideal of the United Nations, which hasn't lived up to its, but we can recognise the ideal and the ideal of Europe, bit by bit, coming together."

Peter was also interviewed for the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme today:

Martha Kearney : "You've always had an interest in theatre which crosses cultural boundaries. you have a cosmopolitan identity, you've lived in France for many years. I think I'm right in saying you kept a British passport and I wonder whether you still feel British, that you have a British identity ?"

Peter : "It's a funny thing. I have one pocket in one place and I can tap it at this moment, on the calf of my leg. It's a special pocket and, whatever the make of trouser, I always see that there is such a pocket and I keep my passport there and that is part of my flesh. It's my British passport and nothing in the world betters that, you know, being offered, from France and other countries, the possibility of becoming nationalised, a double passport, I couldn't. This is what you call one's birthright what in the British community."

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