Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Britain is a country where old men can still get assistance in crossing the road whether they need it or not

In Rochester in Kent on Sunday, having given a guided tour of the old city with its Castle and Cathedral, I waited by the traffic lights to cross the road to my car parked next to the railway station walking stick in hand,when a voice next to me said :

"Would you like to cross with us Sir ?"

At first I couldn't work out who the old man next to me was talking to. He was by several years older than me and with his wife and and, I supposed, daughter, pushing a baby in a pram. When I did figure that he was talking to me I said : "Thank you very much."

He then said, pointing with his finger and talking precisely and loudly : "There's the green walking man." As in : "It's safe for you to cross now."

As he bid me farewell he said : "All the best" as in "With all your problems you're going to need it."

I then knew that I had arrived. Officially recognised as one of Britain's Old Men, seventy-two years after my birth and in the Ancient City of Rochester on Sunday July 29th in the year of Our Lord 2019.

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