Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Britian is a no country for old men who bank with Santander

The Daily Mail Newspaper in its 'Money Mail' section launched their 'Not Good Enough, Señior Campaign' last Summer and as a result it was told by :

Norman Payne, aged 80, that he :

* had his ­current account with Alliance & Leicester, which, when it was taken over by Santander, suddenly found he had two account numbers and sort codes for the same account and demands for council tax and internet payments, after Santander failed to pay most of his direct debits.

John Gorrod, aged 79, that he :

* sent Santander a cheque for £5,100 to open his tax free Isa account and found that the bank had lost his application and said : 'I couldn’t believe I had sent them so much money and it just became lost in the abyss.’

* found that the delays meant he missed his chance to invest his Isa ­allowance for the tax year 2009-10.

William Harris, aged 75, that he :

* found that when he was was with Alliance & Leicester telephone banking was 'quick, simple and ­efficient. Now it is slow, difficult and inefficient.’

* was recently passed from 'pillar to post' and ­eventually cut off when he tried to ­transfer some money over the phone.

Steve Boyle, aged 63, that he :

* found that, when his Alliance & Leicester account was switched to Santander and he applied for a credit card, he was rejected because the bank had ­incorrect details on file.

The newspaper awarded Santander the 'Runner Up' position in the poll they had run with their readers in 'The Wooden Spoon Awards'.

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