Thursday, 3 January 2013

Britain is a country where more and more old men 'to be', plan to sell their homes to fund their old age

A survey of 1000 adults across 12 European countrues commissioned by finance firm 'ING Direct', has found that  cash-strapped Britons and the old men and women of tommorrow, are :

* reassessing their retirement plans because of the state of the economy and more, 33%, planning to use their property to fund their pension than in most other European nations at 25%.

* also reconsidering the age at which they will stop working, with an average delay of five years with the average age in 2007 standing at 60 and 65 now, compared  with French people inceasing their estimate from 60 to 62, while workers in Turkey still believe they can stop work at 55.

 Chief Executive at ING Direct, Richard Doe, said: "As a nation of homeowners and with property often the largest asset Brits have, it’s not surprising that many people are considering downsizing as a way to fund their retirement."

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  1. I f I downsize, I shall end up living in a shoe box - wait a moment I do live in a shoe box!