Thursday, 31 January 2013

Britain is thankfully a country with brave old harbour masters like George Reeder

George Reeder is the 63 year old harbour master at Watchet in Somerset became a self effacing old hero at 8.00am on Sunday morning when :

* a baby, who was strapped in the buggy, was swept into the water by a gust of wind as his mother walked along the pier at Watchet Harbour in Somerset.

* as George later said : "I don't know exactly how he went in, but I was on the esplanade and heard the commotion and I assumed somebody's dog had gone into the water, so I went cycling over.
They were on the West Pier, where you walk up to the lighthouse, some way away, but the noise travels and I could hear screaming from a woman. The mother was there and she said "my baby has gone in the water", so I went to the edge and I could see the pushchair upside down, floating away. I just jumped in and pulled the pushchair back over to the edge of the quay, and then somebody put a rope down over and I tied it on and they lifted it out. As far as I know, what the police told me was that the wind blew the buggy in."

Watchet* George also said : "The baby was still in the pushchair, it was very cold, it is amazing really because he must have been in there for a good five minutes, under the water. They pulled up the pushchair and a lady started doing CPR, and then the coastguard came, and the ambulance and the police, so I backed out the way."

So Britain is still a country with some calm, collected, courageous, modest old men like George Reeder.

Sky report :

Map of Watchet, Somerset

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