Sunday 27 December 2020

Britain in 2020 was no longer a country for and said "Farewell" to 20 remarkable Old Men


8th November : Jim Radford

23rd October : Chris Killip

23rd September : Sam McBratney

11th September : Paul Knight

3rd September : James Partridge

25th July : Peter Green

2nd June : Bryan Wharton

29th May : Bob Weighton

23rd May : Richard Sadler

29th April : Jonathan Barden

2nd April : Bill Frankland

29th March : Paul Nicolson

19th January : Derek Fowlds

13th January : Roger Scruton

11th January : Charles Sprawson

And lost, before their time, to Coronavirus : 

Tim Brooke-Taylor
Eddie Large
Andrew Jack
Umar Afzal
Dixon J.Scott
Michael Gerard
Leonard 'Nipper' Read
Sir John Laws

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