Saturday, 29 January 2011

Britain is a country of more and more old men doing exercise

Britain's old men, you do quite a lot of this and it's good for you :

A study has revealed that you over 60's are much more likely to exercise than those in their 20's. You are 'Athletic Older Persons', or AOP's, a new breed of over 60's who are putting your younger counterparts to shame when it comes to 'keeping fit'.

The study of more than 1,100 of you, men and women, for 'Bupa Healthcare' showed that :

* you are almost three times as likely to exercise every day than those in the prime of life, with one in seven of you flexing your muscles seven days a week.

* 22% of you exercise at least five times a week, compared with just 15% of '20 somethings.'

* almost four in ten of you over 60's said that you were exercising more now than they did ten years ago.

* walking was your most popular method, followed by swimming and cycling.

* a growing number of you are entering half-marathons each year and you are also running more quickly than before.

* the advantages ranged from boosting your weight loss to aiding relaxation and improving quality of life.

A musculoskeletal physiotherapist for Bupa, said: "The benefits this generation is experiencing from exercise are substantial – they are less likely to suffer from chronic illness than their parents and have a longer life expectancy."

So those of you, 'enjoying' your retirement, like the laggards below, should take note. get off your backsides and put your backs into it !

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