Friday, 24 February 2012

Britain is a country where more and more old men have to live under the same roof as their children and grandchildren

An article in the 'Daily Mail' today was entitled :

Austere times force return to Victorian trend of three generations living under one roof

It was based on a study called 'Changing Times'  by and made the following points, that :

*  the crippling cost of living  means that 517,000 households have grandparents, parents and children living under the same roof, a rise of 7% in the past 5 years reaching levels last seen in Victorian times.

* By 2030 this figure is likely to have surpassed the peak of 608,000 in the mid 1850's.

* the increase has been largely driven by a shortage of affordable housing, leading to multiple generations being forced to move back in with each other.

* Miriam Silverman, of, said:
‘The report tells us  how the boom that came with the Industrial Revolution led to some quite severe overcrowding – just as we are experiencing today.
It’s interesting to see how a property boom driven by economic growth can price millions out of the market, whether in industrial Manchester in the 1800s, or the suburbs of London today.’

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  1. I eel totally sorry for the sandwich generation. Who would want to have an old parent as well as teenage kids (or 20 yr old kids) living with them.

    I wouldn't want to inflict myself on my kids and I wouldn't want to have them boss me around either.