Friday, 10 February 2012

Britain is no longer a country for an old stand-up comedian called Billy Connolly

An article article in the 'Daily Mail' last week read :

Heckled off stage, is Connolly loosing his edge ?

Apparently, the 69 year old Billy had left the stage prematurely at his show in Blackpool, Lancashire and the same thing a week earlier in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

A member of the audience, said that Billy was getting increasingly frustrated at the number of people leaving and re-entering the auditorium during his two-hour show :

"At first Billy tried to make a joke of it, encouraging the audience to sing when a group of lads returned from the bar during the show. But this seemed to just encourage more people to get up".

Becoming increasingly frustrated, Billy said :

"I’ll tell you one more story", when someone shouted out, Billy then said:
"Well actually, no, that’s it, I’ll finish now".

I think by that point he had just had enough. He took a bow and that was it. He’s an old guy, he’s not young anymore. He was losing his thread as he was telling his stories and getting more and more frustrated. He didn’t show his anger but you could see he was getting frustrated."

Another member of the audience,said :

"He was telling a joke about strokes, explaining that members of his family had suffered from them, when someone in the audience shouted “you’re shite”. He then finished the story and walked off. You would have expected him to come back on and it was a really strange situation because everyone was talking about it afterwards and there was disappointment."

So what happened to the Billy, who :

* in his teens, joined the part-time Territorial Army Reserve Parachute Regiment and later recalled his experiences in the 'Weekend Soldier'.

* as a folk singer in his 20's worked with Gerry Rafferty :

* at the age of 33 and an accomplished comedian, appeared on the 'Parkinson Show' :

* at the age of 38, in 1980, made Angie Dickinson convulse with laughter :

* at the age of 54, as John Brown in the 1996 film 'Mrs Brown' with Judi Dench as Queen Victoria :

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