Tuesday 10 June 2014

Britain is no country for an old Prince called Charles 'withering' while still waiting to be a King, while Spain is one for a young Prince called Felipe with 'new energy' who has just become one

Apparently, the 76 year-old King Juan Carlos of Spain has told Rafael Spottorno, Chief of the Royal Household, that he decided to abdicate because he did not want his son to ‘wither’ and ‘grow old waiting for the throne like Prince Charles’. As a result, he announced that he would hand over to his 46 year-old heir, Crown Prince Felipe (right). In a televised address, the old King, who has ruled since 1975, said he wanted to herald in a ‘new era of hope’ and ensure a ‘younger generation… with new energies’ could take over the helm.

Rafael said that the King, whose popularity has slumped in recent years following a series of scandals, had been considering abdicating since his 75th birthday in January last year. He told the Spanish daily newspaper, 'El Mundo' that : ‘He saw, above all, that his son was in his prime and didn’t want to see him like Prince Charles who will be 66 years old in November.'

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