Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Britain is, according to some young men, 'No Place For Old Men'

New findings from home and care provider, 'Anchor', reveal that ageist attitudes are endemic in the workplace, with, among young Britons aged between 18 and 24, the following percentages saying of old men, that they are :

41% : * in a situation where there aren’t enough jobs for them to be in work.

14% : * people who should retire to make way for younger blood.

21% : * 'slower' and 'less productive' than their junior counterparts.

5% : * people who should be 'paid less' because they work at a 'slower pace'.

In addition,

18% : * 'grumpy'.

21% : * 'out of touch with modern society'.

70% : * not an important part of the family.

10% : * a chore to see.

Sadly, the starkest reflection of the generation divide is 20% saying 'they can never think of anything to say to their older relatives'.

To tackle the misconceptions held by the young, Anchor is launching ‘Grey Pride’, a nationwide petition to 10 Downing Street calling for Britain to follow the lead of Ireland and Canada and have a dedicated 'Older People’s Minister' to champion the over-60s at the highest level. To date, 858 people have signed the petition with Anchor's aim of getting 100,000 people to back the campaign.

Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive of Anchor, has said:

"Casual ageism has no place in society and these results bear no reality to the lives of the over 60's in England today who are active, energetic and contribute hugely to many of the most successful businesses and organisations in the country. The dismissive attitudes highlighted by Anchor’s research towards the over 60's are a sad indictment of attitudes in England."

“Within the Government’s equality agenda there is a dedicated minister for women, the disabled and children, but none for older people, who represent nearly 25% of the population. Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign will redress the balance, reclaim growing old as a positive experience and break down the barriers preventing older people leading happy, fulfilling lives.”

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