Thursday, 28 April 2011

Britain is a country with a D.I.Y. store called B & Q with shopping cathedrals for old men on 'Diamond Card' Day and jobs for old men every day

I visited my local B & Q on Wednesday. It was 'Diamond Card Day' which means old men 60 get 10% off the price purchases by virtue of the fact that they are 'old' .

The shop is a vast cathedral, full of old people worshipping 'DIY'.

I said to the 'greeter' on the door :

" How many people do you think are in the store ?"

He replied : " About a thousand".

I said : " On a calculation of a average age of 60 years per person, there was a collective age of 60,000 years in the store which would put us back in the last Ice Age."

He laughed and agreed and here is a simulated 'Old Briton' doing his DIY 60,000 years ago and not a 'diamond card' in sight :

P.S. The B&Q company is taking a lead in the fight to combat 'Ageism'.

Its Director Mike Cutt has said :

"There is no reason to treat 'over-50' workers as any way different to other workers when it comes to employment rights. With over 19% of our workforce over 50, B&Q has gained extensive experience of this group's positive contribution, and what they may lack in youthful appeal is more than compensated with an above average dedication to exceptional customer service and assistance."

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  1. It is a pity that B&Q Director Mike Cutt has broken the "Golden Rule" when saying different TO when it should be different FROM. You can't have similar FROM nor can you have different TO!