Friday 22 May 2009

The good trader

Today, I found the antidote to 'Jason' the rogue trader, in the form of 'Mark', the good trader. He was recommended to me by my neighbour across the road, who reported to me Jason, the rogue, lifting the ridge tiles from my roof. When Mark 'priced up' the job, we played a game, whereby,I said : " I'm asking myself are you just saying this to butter me up ? " His reponse seemed honest.

Having said this, he gave me a reasonable quote and when I phoned him to confirm the job he laughingly said : " So you fell for it then." I liked that.

When he started the work today, I told him that : " If I feel good about what you are doing, I will call you Saint Mark".

This man was so honest that, when it came to settling up, he confessed that he hadn't needed to do all the work we had initially agreed and so only charged me half the price.

Now, I know Mark is a businessman, who works on recommendations and he knows I will now recommend him as an honest trader, but he somehow restored my faith that, in some respects, Britain is still a country for old men. And, yes, as he left, I blessed him and said : " Go on your way Saint Mark."

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