Friday 15 May 2009

Is Colombia a country for old men ?

I ask, because the 'boys from Brazil' who cleaned the cars in the car park at my local Tesco supermarket up to Christmas, have been replaced by the 'boys from Colombia'. Either way, the Brazilians who were a product of Portuguese and the Colombians, who are are product of Spanish catholic imperialism, have all been kind and respectful.

Today, I had a chat with a 21 year old Colombian who goes back home on a 12 hour flight next month. He 'tells' me his Dad owns a big beer company in Colombia. I asked him to write down the name of the brewery company and the beers which it made, not because I doubted him, but because I was interested. When he goes back home he said he will go to University to do 'Business Studies'. He said his Father thought he was over here studying at college to improve his English, but he ,the car cleaner, chose to learn his English while making a bit of money and speaking to lots of different English people.

Was he lying to me ? I think not. What possible motive could he have for doing that ? His story was so unusual. It had to be true.

In my conversations with him he has always called me "sir" and treated me with respect. Is there a difference in the way that the Protestant states of Northern Europe and the North America and the Catholic states of Southern Europe and South America treat their elder citizens ? I have the feeling that may be the case.

I'm checking the cost of flights to Bogota and house-selling prices in my area.

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