Thursday 14 May 2009

Rogue Trader from Hell : Part Two

On the recommendation of Chris, the builder across the road, who told me about his observation of Jason, the rogue trader lifting the ridge tiles, I contacted Andy, a roof man, who will come at the weekend and give me a quote to put right the damage caused by the rogue. But I now find the rogue has also damaged my conservatory roof. When he put his 14 stone down on the roof to 'inspect' the guttering on the house above the conservatory, he didn't support himself properly with boarding. As a consequence, one of the twin-wall polycarbonate sheets has popped out of its seating and the roof is, therefore, open to leaks. I only noticed this, by chance, when I retrieved the small board he had used and left on the roof.

Today, I reported him to the 'Trading Standards Department' of my local council, with the proviso that, I did so 'in confidence'. I don't want him knocking on my door.

How many elderly people has this man defrauded ? How many more will he defraud in the future ? How many rogues like him are at work in Britain today ?

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