Wednesday, 20 May 2009


A neighbour sent me an e-mail saying that
her Mother said : " He's not old."
her Daughter said : " He is old ".
her husband said : " He needs a big dog".
she said : " Excellent blog, will look forward to further updates."

Of three old friends, the first told me on the phone that the blog was "crap".
The second said that I'd "lost the plot".
The third e-mailed to ask ' Is the 'l' in blog silent ?'

And then there was the 'follower' who signed in as me,'wittily' mis-spelling my name as 'Jonh' and in 'sites I've joined' added : 'Britain is no country for old men.' And in 'activities' added :'Watching Britain is no country for old men.' I did see the funny side of this and had to laugh.

A cousin from New Zealand e-mailed to say : 'We know you are well - we read your blog - keep it coming.'
A friend in France wrote : 'I love your blogs John.'

Another friend agreed with the posting about telephone banking saying : ' after the automated creature has asked for your number and then after the confusion and waiting, you actually speak to a real person, the shock of this means that you have forgotten your name and what you were doing on the phone in the first place !'

Another wrote: ' Just read the blog and, guess what, been there and done that! Eg. the same experiences, including lots involving driving.'

So on balance, I think I'll continue to blog.

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