Friday, 29 May 2009

The soothing balm of age

I have a theory that, if Britain was populated by only the very young and the very old, it would indeed, be a peaceful, country for old men.

I have reached this conclusion by observing Grannies and Grandads push granchildren in shopping trolleys around supermarkets, while the Mums and Dads are at work. I haven't once seen a child 'play up' a Grandparent.

I have a theory that the presence of the Grandparents puts the child in that same, 'calm, submissive state' which the 'Dog Whisperer' on T.V. achieves with his unruly charges in the canine kingdom.

This is frequently, not the case in other trolleys being pushed, by younger Mums and Dads. Here, screams and tantrums often abound.

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