Tuesday 5 May 2009

Invisible at a petrol station

When you get beyond 60 you become invisible. I went to my local petrol station , filled up and went in to pay.
The cashier said : " Number ?".
I mean, what happened to "please" ?
I barked back : " Ten".
While I was doing my card transaction I became even more invisible because the cashier answered a call on her mobile.
" Yes, put the cat out and phone Gran. Yes. Yes.Yes. ".
I turned to the lady with graying hair behind me and said : " I can't believe this, she's having a phone conversation while serving me."
She said : " I know, it can be scary at times, but I try to blank my mind to it."
I said: " Dare I say it, you must be from the same generation as me."
The cashier offered no thanks, but I offered an exaggerated " Thankyou" and left.


  1. mmm...this happens to me already and I'm only thirty-three.

    Perhaps Britain is 'no country for anyone.'

  2. it never happens to me!!!
    It's all in the mind...lets celebrate being 60 plus..pension, free bus pass, winter fuel allowance and fit and healthy, apart from a few aches and pains.