Thursday, 7 April 2011

Britain is a country with a garden called Wakehurst Place, chainsaw sculptures by Walter Bailey and David Lucas and Regulations tailor-made for old men

The Bishopstone artist Walter Bailey and David Lucas of the Woodland Centre in West Sussex have both created wood sculptures for Wakehurst Place in Ardingly in East Sussex, the latter using a chainsaw and hickory wood.

What I liked even more were 'The Statutory Regulation' which had been framed to govern behaviour in The Gardens :

1. No child under the age of 10 years shall enter or remain in the gardens, unless under the effective control of an adult.

4. No person shall bring into or use in in the Gardens any cycle or any vehicle except an invalid chair or carriage.

5. No person shall bring any animal into the Gardens except a guide dog and any dog shall be restrained on a leash.

6.. No person shall play any game or engage in any form of sport, drill, gymnastics, athletics or similar activity.

7. No person shall bring into, carry or use in the Garden any radio, musical instrument or apparatus of any kind for the transmission of sound by electrical or mechanical means.

8. No intoxicated person shall enter or remain in the Garden.

10. No person shall solicit or collect any alms, donation, contributions or subscriptions.

22. No person shall light any fire or firework.

26. No person shall enter, use or skate over the ornamental waters in the Gardens.

19. No person shall behave or be clothed in a manner reasonably likely to offend against public decency.

20. No person shall wilfully and unreasonably interfere with the comfort or convenience of or cause annoyance to any other person.

21. No person shall throw or discharge any stone or missile.

33. Any person who a park constable reasonably suspects of having contravened any of these regulations shall, on the demand of the park constable give his name address and if so required by the park constable, leave the Gardens.


  1. The acoustic chair and the turkey were not carved by Walter, they're by a young guy called David Lucas ( I'm sure Walter (whose own work is brilliant) wouldn't want any misunderstanding.

  2. Thank you for acknowledging my work and I'm glad you like it. One other correction - I have no connection with Bishopstone and in fact have never met Walter Bailey. I work out of Woodland Centre in West Sussex, which is only about 4 miles from Wakehurst Place.