Tuesday 24 April 2012

Britain is a country with Bootle which is no town for old men and Hinton St George, a village which is

An article in 'The Telegraph' today was entitled :

Welcome to the village of long-life

Hinton St George, a village in Somerset, has been named as the best place for a long retirement with men living past 88 years old.

Appaently the retired men outside the village shop can expect to live a full four years longer than those at the memorial service in Bootle, Merseyside, which ranked bottom in a survey of life expectancy.
The study of 1.5 million pension records has shown that men retiring at 65 in Hinton St George were likely to live, on average, to 88.7 years and those in Bootle to 84.9 years,

Hinton St George has a population of just 400 and is partly protected by a Conservation Area. It  has a sub-postmaster called Keith Hurse who has said :
 "The strange thing is, about 80% of the people here come from the south east of England. Many of the retired are former barristers, school teachers and former members of the clergy. It is a lovely place to live, there is a society for everything. A group of us here took over the village shop and Post Office last July. It is a very busy community but there is not the stress and pollution here – it is a very stress-free environment."
Hinton St.George: The study was based on mortality rates among 1.5 million retired people
Idyllic: Hinton St. George nestles, hidden in the Somerset countryside

Urban decay: A number of abandoned buildings litter the streets of Bootle




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