Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Britain is a country whose old men can look forward to enjoy the benefits of 'The Action for Happiness Movement'

Britain's old men "take heart", the 'Action for Happiness Movement' has been launched with free hugs and love and members who pledge to replace self-obsessed materialism with 'caring action groups' at work, home and 'in the community' and that means you !

The Gaurdian newspaper made the following points about the Movement, which has 4,500 members in more than 60 countries, that :

* its members aim to boost the net amount of joy in the world by being kind to others and countering 'an epidemic of loneliness and isolation'.

* at its 'relaunch'? yesterday at Jerwood Hall in the City of London, its members wore badges with slogans such as 'Love more!' and 'I'm up for more happiness!'. individualism".

* its co-founder, Professor Richard Layard, Head of the 'Wellbeing Programme' at the London School of Economics said : "Despite the fact that we are getting richer, after 60 years, we still haven't managed to produce a happier society. We are asking people for an individual commitment to aim to produce more happiness and less misery. The time is right. There is a worldwide hunger for something better, and we believe we can harness it."

* its website yesterday collapsed under the weight of users and declared itself overwhelmed.

The launch of the Movement in January :

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