Saturday, 6 April 2013

Britain is no country and a country for more and more lonely old men

The charity, 'Womens Royal Voluntary Service' has produced this report :
It looks at the correlation between the distance old men and women live from their family and their feelings of loneliness and reveals that :

* as a result of  the fragmented nature of families today, a  large number of over 75 year olds have their closest children living  a substantial distance away from them. 

* 82% of children who have moved away from their old parents have done so for work reasons.
* nearly three-quarters of over 75s who live alone 'feel lonely'.

* those old men and women who live alone see their children less often than those who live with their spouse.

* 342,000 old men and women over 75 said they felt 'trapped in their own home' through lack of suitable transport.

* the situation has been exacerbated by cuts in public tansport services which has hit 14% and now 10% said they get out less because they have no way of getting out by themselves, have lost their independence and 6% had 'increased feelings' of loneliness in 5% of isolation.

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