Thursday, 25 April 2013

Britain is no country for old men living in the shadow of discrimination

Age UK's latest report was entitled  :
Later Life in the United Kingdom
April 2013

It revealed that discrimination against old men and women in Britain is alive and well with agreement from :

• 60% of them that 'age discrimination exists in their daily lives'.

• 52% of them that ' that those who plan services do not pay enough attention to their needs.' 

• 68% of them that 'politicians see older people as a low priority.' 

• 76% of them that 'the country fails to make good use of their skills and talents.'

• 39% of them  'think businesses have little interest in the consumer needs of older.'

In addition :
• 53% of adults agree that 'once you reach very old age, people tend to treat you as a child.'

• 97% of annual travel insurance policies impose an upper age limit for new customers.

• in a study of patients at a stroke until between 2004 and 2006, only 4% of patients age 75 and above were given an MRI scan, compared to 26% of those under 75.

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