Sunday, 28 August 2011

Britain and Germany, both no countries for old men ?

I'm back to Britain from Bavaria soon. A quick trawl through Google under 'old people in Germany' uncovered a site called 'Toytown Germany'- Germany's English-speaking crowd.
On this a member asked :

It seems Germany is full of old people. Is it just me, or are there lots and lots of old people in Germany?
This is a genuine question. I live in a very pleasant town in Germany's sunny south west so, who knows, maybe I am in the retirement belt. It's just that everywhere I turn, I see white haired people. What's everybody else's experience?

Expaticus replied :
'Yes. Welcome to the world's theme park for oldsters. And on top of it, they're mean.'

Showem said :

'You do see lots of old people about. But I think you see them for a few reasons. Germany's 60-70 year olds are probably in better shape than those of a lot of other countries. Therefore, they still get out and about quite a bit, not just stuck at home watching TV all day. Plus when they are out and about, in cities they will be taking public transport, so you will see them all around you. Not like other countries where they would be driving places in cars, so therefore less noticeable.'

Carl said :

'It's like a never-ending nightmare. Every time I wake-up, I see an old person next to me.'

kyllmann offered :

'They are much more likely to be out and about, keeping themselves fit, travelling widely and generally enjoying the retirement that they have worked for.... and ramming their grocery carts into your rear in the grocery store checkout lane...'

Another website focussed on :
Why old people in Germany have such a hard time finding work.

And another, called, 'Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift' and I'm not sure about this one, highlighted :

Going places? Old people's homes across Germany are erecting fake bus-stops to make it easier to round up senile pensioners trying to make a run for it, and also to help soothe patients who feel they have things to do, places to go.

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