Sunday, 6 September 2009

Britain's 'Sunday Times' is a place for Old Men

I had a trawl through the 'Sunday Times' Newspaper today, specifically looking for photos and articles about old men.

The high profile ones didn't surprise me :
In the main paper :

The Queen (83) apparently, stifled a laugh, while Prince Charles (61), giggled with glee, as they watched the ' annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral yesterday'.

Colonel Gaddafi (67), in a photo where he was weighed down with medals and next to an article entitled 'The Special Relationship.'

Imelda Marcos (80), in a photo, feeding her son 'Ferdinand' or 'Bongbong' who wishes to run for President.

What I did find pleasantly surprising were the following articles :

In the Main Section :

* 65 year old Maurice Robson who was, apparently 'distraught' at having to sell his country house following his divorce from Chloe.

* 70 year old Margaret Atwood, Canadian author's description of 'My Week'.

In the Money Section :

* 76 year old Barbara Taylor Bradford, millionairess author.

In Home Magazine Section :

* 69 year old Maeve Binchy talking about her childhood home in Ireland.

In News Review :

* 66 year old Miyuki Hatoyama talking about her claims that she was taken to Venus by UFO.

In the Business Section :

* 77 year old American accountant giving advice about investments.

In the Sports Section :

* 64 year old Peter Knowles, who once played for Wolves, explaining why he retired from football at the age of 25, after conversion by Jehova's Witness.

'Collectively', the people I have mentioned have lived , a total of 778 years.

Isn't that wonderful ?

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