Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Britain Today in a Tale of Two Supermarkets

Salisbury, in Wiltshire, is a provincial city with the tallest cathedral spire in the country. It also has a solid middle class base and this is evidenced by its thriving Waitrose Supermaket. Here is a review which I found on a web site called 'bview' and my own visit to the shop confirm what is said below :

'Wonderful service and products.
Pros: The Waitrose in Salisbury store is well situated with a large car park and lots of space.
The store is relatively new and the whole atmosphere is lovely.

The range of stock is very good, they have a large home section that stocks TVs , furniture, bedding, lighting and toys. The food section has a large Deli, fish counter and a bakery section.

The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about the products the sell.
There are rarely times where you have to queue.

The store has a post office within it, which is open Sundays as well as all the usual days and times that the store is open.

Cons: A little expensive'.

Gillingham, in Kent, is part of the 'Medway Towns' conurbation. It once benefited from its next door neighbour - the mighty Chatham Dockyard, but the yard closed in 1970 and the Medway Towns have been in decline ever since. Needless to say, Gillingham doesn't have a solid Middle Class base, but does have a busy Tescos Supermarket. I went to 'bview'to check it out, but unsurprisingly, there were no reviews of this supermarket.

Now, I'm quite sure that :

If, I had returned bloated sachets of decomposing catfood to Waitrose in Salisbury, I would have been given a full refund without hesitation.

If, I had later claimed a discount which had not been recorded on my receipt, I would not have been chided for not having the receipt, but would have been offered an apology and possibly a little gratification in recognition of my inconvenience.

So, where you live in Britain today, is what you gets.
'Twas the same 100 years ago and 'tis the same today.

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