Monday, 28 June 2010

Britain is a country whose old men are living longer and longer and in terms of longevity, are catching up with its women

According to research, life expectancy for men is rapidly catching up with women. The gap in longevity between the sexes has narrowed almost 12 months over the past decade and now stands at 4.2 years, although men in some parts of London, Lincolnshire and Kent have closed the difference by 3 times the national average.

Nick Flint, the Chief Executive of 'Club Vita', a consultancy to the pensions industry, said :
" Men are indeed catching up with women. The decline of smoking has played a big part in this, but so has the increase in gym membership, corporate heath check-ups and men's' fitness magazines. Even the advent of viagra has been important.....the drug has encourages men to go to see their doctor. Once there, other problems can be picked up."

P.S. My 'smile/laughter tonic' for the day is entitled 'Viagra Works' :

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  1. Oh..I had to put my glasses on to see the picture...funny.