Saturday, 19 June 2010

Britain is a Country which needs a University with a ' Department of Social Work and Gerontology' like Shippensburg in the U.S.A.

The word 'gerontology' is derived from the Greek word 'geron' meaning 'old man' and 'ology' - 'the science of'.

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, commonly known as 'Ship' or 'SU', is located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. It has a Department of 'Social Work and Gerontology' and offers a MSW degree with a multidisciplinary gerontology minor. Apparently its program 'focuses on providing quality education to the future leaders of our helping professions'.

The mission of the 'Gerontology Program' is to enhance the quality of life of older citizens through interdisciplinary education, research, and service. This is, apparently, accomplished 'through innovative teaching and a wide array of out-of-class experiences for its students'. In addition the University works 'hard to foster intergenerational respect and dialogue throughout the university community'.

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