Thursday, 3 June 2010

Is Britain a country of middle-aged 'grumpy' old men ?

'Grumpy Old Men' is a 'conversational style' t.v. programme which started in 2003.

It asks : What are the reasons why men between 35 and 54 are 'grumpy' in Britain today ?

The programme has a number of well-known middle-aged men, apparently between 35 and 54, who talk about 'issues of modern life' which irritate them.

Jeremy Clarkson
Bob Geldof
John Humphrys
A. A. Gill
Nigel Havers
Tony Hawks
Simon Hoggart
John O'Farrell
Rory McGrath
Bill Nighy
Matthew Parris
John Peel
Will Self
Arthur Smith
Tim Rice
Rick Stein
Tony Slattery
Rick Wakeman
Lemn Sissay
Don Warrington
Des Lynam

and the narrator, Geoffrey Palmer.

This Old Brit certainly chimes with the observations about our beautiful English language and has to confess that, he too, asks a question when making a statement.

Is it all part of blending in with the present culture ?

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