Saturday 5 June 2010

Britain is a country with grumpy old men like Tony Slattery and me

Tony Slattery is a self-confessed 'Grumpy Old Man. In the link below he vents his gripes about :

Cinema adverts
Bottled water
Multi-tasking companies
Getting old
Crossing the road
The underground railway
Weather girls
Bluetooth at 10 metres
Directory inquiries
Snobby art critics

I find he strikes a chord with me and makes me laugh a lot. My favoutite is 'Weather girls'

He is a 51 year old actor, singer and comedian who :

* came from a London a working class background

* was the fifth and last child of Irish immigrants, Michael and Margaret Slattery

* represented England in under-15 judo achieving a 'Black Belt' before he was 16.

* was educated at a boys grammar school and won a scholarship to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, specializing in French literature and Spanish poetry.

* discovered a love of the theatre at Cambridge whare Stephen Fry invited him to become a member of the 'Cambridge Footlights'. His his fellow students included Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Jan Ravens, Sandi Toksvig, Morwenna Banks and Richard Vranch.

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