Thursday, 30 August 2012

Britain, already No Country for Old Men today will have districts awash with old men in twenty years

More than one in ten people in some parts of the country will be aged over 85 in 20 years' time, an insurer specialising in annuities for people with health problems warned  this week.

The 'warning' was given because many local authorities will have to bear an unprecedented burden of caring for increasing numbers of the very old, with some facing greater strain on their resources than others.

The analysis from the 'Partnership' Company said the district of West Somerset, shown on map, will have 10.1% of its population over 85 by 2032. Not far behind will be Berwick-on-Tweed, West Dorset, North Norfolk and Rother in East Sussex.

By the same date, well over a third of those in all these areas will be over the current pension age of 65, and some districts will have around 40% of their population aged over 65.

Andrew Megson, Retirement Director of 'Partnership' said :

"By 2032 the picture in our oldest areas is more extreme, as populations in these councils age further, while the proportion of the younger generation reduces.
Inter-generational fairness will inevitably become an issue. Many in the baby boomer generation have benefited from final salary pension schemes and enjoyed record house price inflation. Yet the youngest, who are arguably the most indebted generation ever and are unlikely to enjoy similar benefits, may be required to meet many care and retirement costs through direct taxation."
'The Daily Mail' ran the story with the headline :
 The places where one in 10 will be aged over 85 in 20 years' time
It elicited the following comment from 'Peterlor' :

So sick and tired of DM mounting vendettas of young versus old and constantly bashing the 60+ age group. Cull everyone when they reach 60 - after having spent all their lives paying taxes - that'll help the young and solve all their problems. Trust DM to also show photos of elderly putting their feet up, God forbid.

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